Muay Thai Mondays: What Clinch Techniques are Legal/Illegal?

What Type Of Sweep Techniques Can You Use/Not Use?

It can be hard to figure out what type of sweep techniques you can use in the clinch when you’re not completely sure what is legal and what is illegal.

In this Muay Thai Monday’s Q&A, I get a question from Emiliano asking about the rules of sweeping inside the clinch. He also asks about whether or not you’re able to catch your opponents knee and use that as a way to sweep them. Take a look at my answer to find out more about what’s allowed/disallowed in the clinch:

Here are some of our favorite Muay Thai clinch techniques and sweeps that we like to use when battling on the inside:

Clinch Positioning and Turning Tactics – If you’ve ever wrestled or done any grappling art before, then you know how draining it is to handle another person’s entire body. The clinch can be much of the same, but with the proper tricks up your sleeve it can be quickly demystified.

3 Muay Thai Clinch Escape Techniques – Feel like you get stuck in your opponents clinch? These 3 clinch escape techniques are some of the most effective tools you can use to break free from the clinch so you can get back to exchanging on the outside.

4 Deadly Elbow Techniques Inside The Clinch – Slice and dice anyone who dares to come inside and clinch with you!

3-Part Video Series On the Clinch – If you enjoyed these clinch videos and want to continue learning more techniques, sweeps, knees and elbows from the inside position, then make sure to check out this free video series.

And here is another Muay Thai Monday Q&A where my buddy Chris Mauceri discusses a few techniques on entering the clinch:

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