Muay Thai Mondays: How Do I Improve My Fight IQ If I Have An Injury?

I Injured My Knee… What Should I Be Focusing On With My Training?

We all are dealt injuries at some point during our Muay Thai training, but we shouldn’t allow it to stop us from improving in other facets of our game.

In this Muay Thai Mondays Q&A, Jean-Sebastian asks how is able to improve his fight IQ and continue to improve although he recently injured his knee. I have a few tips and pieces of advice that I share with him so he is still able to sharpen his mind and body while recovering from his injury:

Like I mentioned in my answer, if you are out of commission and aren’t able to train much then watching Lawrence Kenshin’s Striking Breakdowns is a great way to improve your fight IQ and learn more about the techniques and tactics of elite fighters.

Here are some other posts from Muay Thai Guy that have to do with injury prevention and training with an injury:

Kevin Ross Discusses the Ups and Downs of Muay Thai Life – Knee injuries, losses, and other life events could’ve kept Kevin Ross down, but instead of sulking in his own self pity Kevin was able to turn these negatives into a positive by developing the right type of mindset to overcome them.

Maximizing Movement and Injury Prevention with Geoff Girvitz – In this podcast episode I talk with Geoff Girvtiz who specializes in strength and conditioning for combat sport athletes. He focuses primarily on developing proper movement patterns, preventing injury and sticking to the basics. This is a great listen if you want to learn more in depth about the human body.

3 Tips For Returning to Training After A Long Break – As someone who has dealt both with serious injuries and life situations, I’ve been able to figure out ways to not only get back into a steady training routine, but also to continuously grow and improve even when I’m out of the gym.

“Oh my god, how long is this going to keep me out of the gym?” – This is a great podcast from fan and nak muay Ramon who talks about his experience dealing with an injury and what he did to train around it.

How To Avoid and Train Through Injuries – Although injuries suck, there are ways to deal with them and train around them. Heck, you can even make the injury a blessing in disguise if you have the right type of mindset!

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