Muay Thai Mondays: How Can I Relax When Sparring?

Overthinking, Freezing Up and Trying Too Hard In Sparring

You’ve been working diligently on improving your technique in every aspect of your training. When you shadowbox you’re keeping your chin tucked, during your heavy bag sessions you’re turning your hips over when you kick, and you feel crisp as hell when banging the pads with your trainer… but once you start sparring, your technique goes to complete shit.

Why does that happen?

If you can relate to this situation, chances are you’re like most other nak muay who have problems dealing with the nerves and adrenaline of sparring. I was like that at first too. Nervous, excited and completely unaware of how to relax. When the probability of getting punched in the face is extremely high, it can be hard to relax!

In this week’s Muay Thai Monday Q&A, Lucy Stanyer asks for any tips and advice when it comes to overthinking and freezing up during sparring sessions. My training partner Chris Mauceri and I share our tips on how to improve your sparring:

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And don’t forget that every week I will be releasing a new “Muay Thai Mondays Q&A Session” to answer your questions about techniques, fight strategy, mindset, nutrition and anything related to Muay Thai. If you’d like your question(s) answers AND if you want to win a free Nak Muay Nation t-shirt or tanktop, submit your question by:

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