Muay Thai Monday: What Unconventional Training Can I Do To Supplement My Muay Thai?

What Other Type Of Strength And Conditioning Can I Add To My Routine?

Sometimes you can’t make it to a Muay Thai gym. Other times you want to mix up your training to keep it from getting too stale. So what other types of training or conditioning can we do to continue to improve our functional fitness for Muay Thai? Chris and I answer that exact question in this weeks Muay Thai Monday:

In addition to our answer in this week’s video, you should also check out some of the posts and podcasts below:

Strength & Conditioning For Muay Thai Breakdown with Don Heatrick of – There’s a lot of stuff out there on strength and conditioning, but not a lot specifically for Muay Thai. In this podcast episode Don Heatrick discusses a variety of topics that I guarantee will help you improve your strength and conditioning for Muay Thai… so take notes!

7 Muay Thai Strength And Conditioning Mistakes – The enthusiasm the Muay Thai community now has for supplemental training has also led to some misconceptions. And in this article I’ll highlight some of these so you can either steer-clear, or confirm you’re on the right track!

Strength & Conditioning Chat With TJ Lopez of AMP Athletes – TJ has trained a variety of athletes from professional fighters like GLORY fighter Wayne Barrett and Bellator Fighter, Lyman Good, as well as, pro athletes like NY Yankess pitcher CC Sabathia. During this chat we cover a variety of topics related to strength and conditioning for Muay Thai,

Yoga + Muay Thai = The Perfect Combination – I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and give yoga a try. Although it might not be for everyone, I’m confident that you will take something useful from the practice if you stick with it.

Top 5 Cross Training Methods for Muay Thai – Sean and Paul discuss the top of cross-training and how it’s played an important role in their fight careers. They talk about their favorite training methods and discuss the pros and cons of each one.

In case you didn’t know, I will be releasing a new “Muay Thai Mondays Q&A Session” every week where I’ll be answering questions about techniques, fight strategy, mindset, nutrition and anything related to Muay Thai. If you’d like your question(s) answers AND if you want to win a free Nak Muay Nation t-shirt or tanktop, submit your question by:

  1. Filming yourself asking the question. If it’s technique oriented, try to show me what you mean.
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I hope you enjoy this new weekly segment! Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and let me know your thoughts, comments and any suggestions for future episodes in the comments below (or on the video itself).

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