Muay Thai Monday: Top Self Training Tips & Methods

What’s The Best Tips For Training Solo?

Most of the training you’re going to do as a nak muay will be alone. Chances are you’ll spend endless hours beating on your craft in an empty room where no one is around to critique you or push you harder. Of course, we ideally want to be training with a team of passionate practitioners, but sometimes it’s not possible due to various circumstances.

In this Muay Thai Monday Q&A, MTG fan Jose explained that he isn’t able to train at a gym or find many other people to train with due to where he lives, so he wanted to know any tips and methods for self taught martial artists. This is what I had to say:

Basically, this is what I cover in the video:

  1. Use The Heavy Bag – If possible, get a heavy bag! This will be your best training partner if you are a self taught martial artist. It’s a critical piece of equipment to have if you want to truly improve all facets of your game. You can also check out the Heavy Bag Blueprint for combos, drills and workouts.
  2. Shadowbox With Purpose – Fine tuning your technique will come from hours and hours of practicing it, and what better way to practice your technique other than shadow boxing! If you’re able to visualize your opponent and truly act as if you’re in the ring about to fight, then you’ll get much more out of your shadowboxing sessions.
  3. Work On Strength & Conditioning – Run, bike, lift, and do a variety of workouts to constantly improve all areas of your fitness. If you don’t have any weights then doing body weight circuits is still a great way to develop the type of strength you need to fight!
  4. Video Yourself! This may be the best tip I could give for self trained martial artists because it will give you a better understanding for what you need to work on. Without videoing yourself it will be hard to know what techniques need work
  5. Surround Yourself With A Community – If you’re not able to find people around your local area who love Muay Thai as much as you do, then the next best thing is finding a passionate community online… something like Nak Muay Nation 😉
  6. Create A Progressive Program – Do yourself a favor and write out an entire 4-12 week program to follow. This should include what days/times you work out as well as what type of training you’ll be doing during those days.

If you need more help training solo, be sure to read this article as well on the principles of solo training.

In case you didn’t know, I will be releasing a new “Muay Thai Mondays Q&A Session” every week where I’ll be answering questions about techniques, fight strategy, mindset, nutrition and anything related to Muay Thai. If you’d like your question(s) answers AND if you want to win a free Nak Muay Nation t-shirt or tanktop, submit your question by:

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I hope you enjoy this new weekly segment! Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and let me know your thoughts, comments and any suggestions for future episodes in the comments below (or on the video itself).

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