Do you want to step into the muay thai ring but feel like you don’t have the time, knowledge or confidence to succeed?

What if there was a way to find time to workout no matter how busy your schedule, drastically improve your training, get in the best shape of your life and gain the confidence you need to win a fight?

You’re in luck! The only training guide you will ever need is right here and I promise it will help you achieve your muay thai dreams!

In this clear, concise and easy-to-read guide, I’m going to reveal to with you the most efficient methods to rapidly increase your gains in your techniquestrengthcardio and overall mindset even if you have a busy life schedule. The training methods, nutritional guidelines, mental tactics and workout schedules in Muay Thai Mastery are the same I’ve used in all my fights to help me become a champion Muay Thai fighter!

Hear what other fighters have to say about Muay Thai Mastery!

“Sean Fagan is an awesome fighter not just because he trains hard, but because he trains smart. If you want to learn the secrets of how to train and fight like a champion, you should definitely buy this book!”

Chris Mauceri Professional Muay Thai Fighter

“Sean Fagan’s book Muay Thai Mastery is perfect for anyone even considering stepping in the ring, anyone curious about what it takes to step in the ring and great for the seasoned fighter to re-access how they approach stepping over the ropes.

Sean covers the mind, body and spirit of the fighter and the beauty, discipline and brutality of our favorite sport, Muay Thai.”

Phoenix Carnevale Ring Side Commentator, MMA journalist, Amateur Fighter

“Sean’s “Muay Thai Mastery” book  gives you an inside look into the life and training routine of a Muay Thai champion. The 4 week training split and weight cutting plan that Sean has included as free bonuses could easily be sold as standalone products. If you’re looking for some additional guidance, I’d definitely recommend this program.“

Bill F.

“I just finished Muay Thai Mastery… It was great, brother! You definitely know your Muay Thai and have a lot of great insights into training and getting prepared both physically and mentally for a fight. I would recommend it to anyone serious about this sport!”

Joe Bastone Amateur Muay Thai

Muay Thai Mastery outlines in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format everything you need to know to be as prepared as possible for when you step into the ring, including:

Prioritze Your Training

Prioritize your workouts and schedule your muay thai training camp around work and life!.     Even some of the top professionals work full-time and need to balance their training with other aspects of their life. Learn how to be more efficient with your training and make the most out of your time!

Nutritional Guidance

Know what to fuel your body with to gain more energy, maximize your workouts and cut weight safely and effectively.     Learn about the eating habits that you need to adapt in order to get leaner and in great shape to maximize your training efforts. Plus my favorite, healthy foods that every fighter should eat!

Mental Training Tips

Mental training strategies to reduce your nerves, anxiety and stress and feel 100% confident stepping into the ring on fight night.     Gain more confidence, discipline and respect while learning my personal strategies and techniques to feel more focused, calm and relaxed when you step into the ring!

Step By Step Guide

Get an inside look of how I go through training camp. You’ll get actual steps and strategies I use for setting goals, scheduling my workouts, weight cutting, pre-fight stare downs, fight day preparation, getting ready inside the locker room, having a prepared corner, warming up before a fight, the fight itself and post fight happenings.

Improve Your Entire Game!

Improve your muay thai workouts, become healthier, leaner and get in great shape all while becoming more disciplined and confident in yourself!   Maximize your efforts while you improve your conditioning, focus and techniques during shadowboxing, heavy bag work, sparring and all other facets of your muay thai workouts.

Regardless of whether you are training for an upcoming title fight or just want to get in phenomenal shape and improve your muay thai training, this ebook has the answers!

O yea, besides this badass training guide, you also get 2 FREE bonuses when you order Muay Thai Mastery!

My 4 Week Training Camp Split

My personal day by day training schedule leading up to a fight that is one month away. It’s common to take fights often in the early stages of an amateur career to gain ring experience and make a name for yourself, sometimes it’s hard to have a full 8-12 weeks to prepare. Find out what types of training I do to be prepared mentally and physically for a fight that is coming up quickly. You can either follow my exact schedule or listen to my tips to create your own!

Muay Thai Training Log

Keeping track of your training progress is key to success!     Not only will you see how quickly your improving your technique and conditioning but you will also find the areas of your game you need to work on! This training log made specifically for muay thai training and workouts will help you reach new levels of fitness and technique!

The initial price for this guide used to cost $27. But now I lowered the price to be only…


Still Not Sure If This Is Right For You?

Here is my Triple Guarantee:

Guarantee #1:

Immediately after you read through Muay Thai Mastery, you’ll feel 100% confident in starting your training camp because you’ll understand exactly why everything is put together the way it is and why it’s so effective.

Guarantee #2:

After just 2-3 weeks of following the training guide, you’ll be more motivated, focused and confident and will notice more energy, better cardio and better technique.

Guarantee #3:

Within 60 days, a training partner or coach will comment about your improved focus and technique and someone will ask you for your ‘secret’. I’ll let you choose if you share your secret or keep it to yourself. If none of this happens I’ll be more than willing to refund you 100% of the purchase price. Just send me and email and you’ll get your money back!

There is no risk. You’ve got 60 days to give it a test run!

Also feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Get Started RISK-FREE Today!

But let me remind you, Muay Thai Mastery is NOT a “quick fix.” It’s a SMART fix to a very complex problem to improving your muay thai workouts, techniques and winning your next fight.    At the same time, I want to make sure I’m being very clear: make no mistake, this program takes work, and if you’re one of these people who simply can’t fully dedicate to achieving your goals and dreams, do not invest in this program.    But for those of you who are serious, those who are ready to put for the effort, Muay Thai Mastery will absolutely help you achieve success inside the muay thai arena – GUARANTEED.

Do You Really Want Complete Confidence When Starting a New Muay Thai Training Camp Or Stepping Into The Ring?

The truth is this: if you really put your mind to it and trained dozens of fighters in person, lived and trained for months in Thailand (and fought there multiple times), gone through the mental and physical ups and downs of 10 week training camps and won a championship at Madison Square Garden then in about 5 years or so you I bet you could figure out all the stuff I’m going to tell you in Muay Thai Mastery.   I mean, if you wanted it bad enough it could happen. But if you’d rather:

  1. Rely on the fact that I already made ALL of the mistakes that you don’t have to
  2. Start getting quicker results NOW with Muay Thai Mastery
  3. And do so completely risk-free with your results guaranteed

Then this is probably going to be one of the easiest and best decisions you have ever made!

Stop waiting around and do big things!


I’m looking forward to hearing about the awesome results from this guide. I know your journey through Muay Thai Mastery will be as fun and enlightening as mine.

Sean Fagan

Muay Thai Fighter and Instructor, 2-time 145lbs Champion

P.S. Remember, with my Triple Guarantee, I’m giving you 60 risk-free days to discover what others already have—this Muay Thai Mastery training guide will take you to new levels!

P.P.S. Have a question? It’s probably already answered below!

q-iconI’m not in my 20′s or 30′s, will this program still work for someone considerably older?


This guide teaches you everything you need to know to improve your training regardless of your age or gender. It will take your fitness levels to new heights and give you insight on what top athletes go through leading up to a fight which will help with your mental clarity and focus!

q-iconWhat if it doesn’t work for me?

Then it’s all FREE!!!

Simply put, if you follow Muay Thai Mastery exactly, and do NOT improve your technique, fitness or mindset than you ever have previously, just contact me and I’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.   I stand behind my program as the best Muay Thai training guide ever created, and if doesn’t yield those results for you when followed, you get your money back. No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.   As you can see, the burden to deliver is 100% on me—the only thing you need to do is let me prove it to you!

q-iconIs this program suited for a complete beginner?

If you’re a beginner, then this is the best way to begin learning how to create a successful training camp and get the most out of your muay thai training sessions.   You’ll actually make even faster gains than more experienced guys because you won’t have any bad habits to break and you’ll be doing everything properly right from the beginning.

q-iconSean, why are you so sexy?

I was just born that way. I was quite lucky to be this handsome.