muay thai low kick drill

Muay Thai Low Kick Drill

Punch Combinations w/ Low Roundhouse Kick Pad Work

One of my favorite types of Muay Thai pad work to do is this Muay Thai low kick drill! This is a great kicking drill especially if you have my style of fighting which is very similar to the Dutch style of kick boxing – hard hand combinations finished with brutal leg kicks.

This Muay Thai low kick technique drill is great because unlike heavy bag training or light sparring, you can work on everything that makes a low roundhouse kick so devastating. It will help you find your distancing, flow with your hand combinations, work on reaction speed and throw 100% power into each and every low roundhouse kick.

Click here or on the technique video below to check out my trainer, John Nuculovic and I doing a round of low kick pad work!

how to muay thai low kick technique

Landing leg kicks was a big part of my game plan for my title fight at MSG.

In this particular Muay Thai training video I’m only throwing low roundhouse kicks to my trainers lead leg, however, you

can add opposite side low kicks as well (as long as your pad holder is capable of doing so). The trainer can also raise the low kick pad to chest level so you can finish combinations with body kicks as well!

My trainer John yells out hand combinations (jab, jab-hook, cross-hook etc.) and after every hand flurry I throw a powerful low kick. John also throws overhands and jabs and me where I react immediately with a counter roundhouse to the lead leg. This is a great way to build reaction to when your opponent throws punches at you and puts a lot of weight on their lead leg, which makes it very susceptible to lead leg roundhouses.

The key to this Muay Thai low kick drill is to really work on turning your shoulders and hips over into your leg kicks.

Trust me, being low kicked hard can really take it out of you and frustrate you during a long fight. If you’re able to land solid, hard roundhouses to your opponents leg it will drastically change the complex of the fight!

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