Muay Thai Low Kick Defense | How To Counter The Leg Kick

Muay Thai Leg Kick Evasion Counter 

Muay Thai low kicks are one of the most common strikes you’ll see thrown in a fight. Landing hard leg kicks can change the momentum of a fight since it can limit a fighters movement and make their counter attacks much slower and telegraphed.

Although checking a leg kick is a solid defense, it still hurts and can eventually limit your mobility if you consistently take shin-on-shin contact. That being said, mixing up your low kick counters with other type of defensive maneuvers is crucial if you want to avoid taking damage while countering your opponent effectively.

In this Muay Thai technique video, USMTA champ Chris Clodfelter demonstrates a simple Muay Thai low kick defense that involves a quick evasion counter. Give it a try and drill it during your next training session!

How To Counter The Low Kick

Now if you’re the one looking to land a leg kick, it’s important to learn how to set it up properly if you want to avoid any type of counter from your opponent.

In the next video, I demonstrate 6 of my favorite low kick setup techniques that I’ve used during my fights. I find that these techniques are very effective in avoiding any type of counter so I don’t have to worry about having my kick checked or defended. Take a quick look at them and see if you like any of these techniques.

6 Low Kick Techniques

Lastly, you have to keep in mind that your opponent isn’t always going to be just standing in front of you the entire fight. You’ll constantly be changing angles and positions throughout the fight, so learning how to throw the leg kick while moving forwards and backwards will be crucial to your success. In the video below, striking analyst Lawrence Kenshin breaks down how to throw the backslide low kick by featuring two of the best low kickers of all time… Ernesto Hoost and Daniel Ghita.

Backslide Low Kick

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