3 Muay Thai Low Kick Counters

How To Defend And Counter The Leg Kick

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got sensitive legs that don’t like being kicked.

It happens, and it’s never fun. What is fun, though, is smacking the other fella right back with a kick of your own. Sometimes the best counter to a low kick is just that—a low kick. However, there’s much more to be seen here. So how do you take a kick on those sensitive thighs and land a solid kick back? There are many methods for landing your kick, and below are three.

They each allow you different levels of defence from checking to evading. This gives you an opportunity to play with range while simultaneously making your movements unpredictable. Low kicking is a game of attrition. It’s a grind, so you can’t be a one-trick pony. Broaden your tool belt.

3 Muay Thai Low Kick Counters

Checking and evading are both great ways of defending low kicks, but they also have their own qualities that you have to adjust to. They all leave you in a slightly different range. If you know your range, you’ll be able to land low kicks at will, or you’ll, at least, be closer to doing so.

The opponent may catch on to your low-kick technique, so that’s when we need another dash of unpredictability: the inside legkick.

Muay Thai Inside Leg Kick | Finding Range And Setting Up Combos

 Do you know many folks that can kick while moving back? Not many. Therefore, if you’re able to pull off such a technique, that’ll put you in rare company. However, everyone would do it if it were so easy. Is that true? Well, sort of. I’m not entirely sure most people even try it.

Variety is the spice of life. Allow yourself to look through the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns, and you might just find yourself having a good time.

Backslide Low-Kick ft. Ernesto Hoost & Daniel Ghita | Lawrence Kenshin

Guess what?!

This upcoming Thailand training camp in August will be hosted by non other than Paul Banasiak, the other half of The Muay Thai Guys. Though his beard may not be as full and illustrious as Sean’s, you can bet that he knows how to hack his way through this wild Muay Thai jungle.

saenchaseanpaulkstHere’s what you can expect at a Nak Muay Nation Training Camp:

  • Seminars taught by elite Muay Thai champions Saenchai and Petchboonchu.
  • Exciting group nights out to watch fights at the prestigious Lumpinee and Rajadamnern.
  • Fight nights where teammates from the camp got to showcase their skills and experience fighting in Thailand.
  • Strength and conditioning sessions taught by the head coach of the Sports Authority of Thailand.
  • Delicious noodles, fried rice, seafood, curries and other Thai food.
  • Nights out experiencing the crazy Bangkok nightlife.
  • And much more more!

Everyone has been having an amazing time at the training camp and it’s been awesome seeing how much everyone’s Muay Thai skills have been improving. Since it’s been so much fun we will definitely be holding more in the very near future!

“This is my fourth trip to Thailand and having already trained in more than 10 camps, I can say that this training camp was by far one of the best I’ve ever been.”

– Anna S.

Interested in coming to a future Nak Muay Nation Training Camp? For prices and more info go to www.ThailandTrainingCamp.com

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