6 Life Lessons Muay Thai Has Taught Us

The Muay Thai Guys Podcast – Episode 40

If you’re anything like Paul and I, chances are that Muay Thai has had a HUGE impact on your life.

Not only can Muay Thai help you create a variety of healthier life habits but it can also play a major role in developing strong characteristics through it’s rigorous training and competition. These are the 6 things that Muay Thai has helped us with in other areas of life:

  1. muay thai fighters hugRoutine – Routine creates consistency, which in turn creates progress (in any field). You are forced into a routine via training – scheduled sessions, eating habits, balancing schedule.
  2. Self-Motivation, Becoming Self Sufficient and Driven – They often say fighting is a lonely sport, as are many endeavors. We can use external sources of motivation, but we quickly learn they only go so far. Being self sufficient is forged through the hours of work on the bag, shadowboxing, in the dark, with focus.
  3. Learning how to Deal with Failure – We often begin to become accustomed to being yelled at, having our mistakes fixed, and told what to fix – this translates to many avenues of life.
  4. Respect For Others Success (never a mistake) – By your own process, you get a new sense of respect for the work others do. Many successful people seem like they “made it” overnight. As you fight and watch yourself in a 6 minute spotlight, you remember how many hours, sleepless nights, and sacrifices it took for you to get your short segment. Most people who exhibit success are no different.
  5. Persistence and Patience – You won’t get it the first time, you won’t get it the 100th time. It takes patience and persistence to learn the proper technique, time becomes your friend, and patience will help you focus on what to fix versus what you are doing wrong.
  6. Trusting and Enjoying the Process – Hand in hand with point #5 – we have to enjoy the process to keep our wits about us. We have to trust that we are going to improve, the process needs our attention and enjoyment, training with only enjoyment of the final product will leave you unfulfilled, especially if it’s not what you expected.

What else has Muay Thai taught you about life?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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