Muay Thai Leg Kick Technique: Attacking the Rear Leg

 3 Muay Thai Rear Leg Kick Setups

Getting kicked in the leg sucks. But getting kicked in the rear leg…sucks even more.

However, kicking someone in the leg? Pretty awesome. Kicking someone in the rear leg? Fully awesome, much awe-inspiring. But how does one kick the leg which is so far away? And why would you want to do it?

Your front leg is probably the leg that gets kicked most; therefore, your front leg is conditioned. Your rear leg, however, gets kicked less and thus remains less conditioned. In short, getting kicked in the rear leg hurts more.

But this is more than just being sadistic. It’s being pragmatic. Pain will often draw in panic reactions. Watch any fight after a guy gets clocked real good and you’ll find that they react poorly to strikes that resemble the one that just knocked them silly. But enough talk, let’s get into the set ups:

Muay Thai Leg Kick Technique: Attacking the Rear Leg

The leg kick can seem like a risky technique. It’s not a high reward technique, yet it can be countered very easily. Why bother? You won’t see results until after many leg kicks. Actually, you will. Remember that bit about pain? Yes. After the pain sets in, even a twitch of your leg will be enough to draw a reaction from your opponent (watch Lyoto Machida for this).

We’re going to take advantage of this reaction to our leg twitching and use it to setup a sweet combo of hook and kick. May it serve you well.

Muay Thai Counter – Switch Stance Hook, Kick Combo

Who doesn’t appreciate a good kick? Well, if you’re looking to round out your kicking arsenal, I’d look no further than the video below. It’s a lovely time of kicking and what fun to watch. Courtesy of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

7th Degree Taekwondo Blackbelt vs. Muay Thai Champion

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