Muay Thai Leg Kick Set Up

How To Deal With Strong Checks

At best, getting one of your kicks checked can be nothing but a painless collision. At worst, you can snap your shin in half. Let’s avoid that fate by turning the tables in our favor. How’s that settled? Luck.

Not quite comforting, is it? You’re a roll of the dice away from your shin snapping like a glowstick. The moment you come up snake eyes could be the moment that ends you, unless you’re playing with loaded dice…then we’ve got a game. Today, we’re going to rig the game in our favor. Grab some loaded dice, bring a double headed coin; we make our own luck.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” -Seneca the Younger

Opportunity is largely dependent on your opponent, because, unless you control your opponent’s mind, you cannot always predict his strikes. You may try dangling a carrot to see if he twitches, but you cannot make him bite.

With that being said, there is another variable to this equation: preparation. How well you stack the odds in your favor is dependent on your preparation.

Preparation is what we have control over, and with preparation we can condition the opponent with expectation. By no means is that a guarantee of a certain response, but it’s worth a roll of the dice.

Muay Thai Leg Kick Technique | Bypass The Leg Check

Combat has an infinite number of variables. It’s a chess game with your own body on the line. Once the ref says it’s play time you’re entering the world of variables and equations, but, like all equations, some variables are worth more than others. One variable that takes up a bigger slice of the pie than any is range.

Muay Thai Inside Leg Kick | Finding Range And Setting Up Combos

To what extent does luck play a role in combat sports? As mentioned above, it’s about preparation and opportunity. You can try your best to stack the decks in your favor, but what opportunities the opponent gives you will be what he wants to give you. We can attempt to captain his ship, but, in the end, it’s wind that determines the path. You can try and predict the opponent’s strikes, it can be done, but you can never know for sure…

If you want a lesson in puppeteering the opponent, then may I humbly suggest this here Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

Somrak Khamsing: Fight IQ

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