Muay Thai Leg Kick Feint To Sweep

How To Sweep Your Opponent With A Leg Kick

Falling on the floor can knock you out.

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but concrete floors will always hurt you. Not just concrete, but floors in general. The environment in which we fight is an often neglected or underutilized area of combat. What could you do to the opponent that the floor couldn’t? This technique is one such example.

One small adjustment in your technique and sweeps, dumps, and throws of all kinds could send your opponent’s head clanging off the floor. Furthermore, even if you don’t somehow get a knockout from tipping the opponent one way or another, they still have to stand back up again. That might not seem exhausting, but how well can you stand after an intense training session? Not well.

Whether you want to get a knockout or just exhaust the opponent, sweeping the opponent onto their ass—or head—will often do the trick.

Muay Thai Leg Kick Feint To Sweep

You better have a damn good plan A if you’re not going to have a plan B, but why not have both? Whoever said, “variety is the spice of life,” never thought that quote would be so applicable in fighting. If one reacts in panic to your kick, you’ve just opened up an entire world of options and ways to leave your opponent asunder. ‘Tis a jovial day, and the choices are all yours.

Muay Thai Leg Kick Feint To Powerful Cross

What good is a kick—or any strike—if it does no harm? Finding a place for such a technique may be tricky, so why bother? Now, if you want to learn about putting fear into your opponent with a single strike…then look no further than Samkor. This is  Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns on the Left-Kick Legend:

Samkor Tribute: The Ferocious Left-Kick Legend

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