Muay Thai Knee Technique – How To Throw A Spear Knee

How To Throw A Muay Thai Spear Knee With Good Technique

Landing a solid Muay Thai spear knee to your opponents sternum could very easily deal some serious damage and drop him. With the proper Muay Thai knee technique and timing, it’s even possible that you could even break your opponents ribs or make him curl up in fetal position and throw up violently. Sounds pretty brutal right?

Needless to say, Muay Thai knees are one of the most devastating and powerful strikes you can land when sparring or fighting. If you’re able to use good technique when throwing a spear knee, you could use it effectively both as an offensive strike AND a defensive counter maneuver.

Check out this technique tutorial directly from my Clinch King video course on how to throw a Muay Thai spear knee with solid technique:

How To Throw A Muay Thai Spear Knee Technique

Whether you’re on the outside exchanging strikes or on the inside clinching with your opponent, if you are able to land a hard spear knee to their stomach (or better yet their head) it can put some real fear and doubt into their minds. And obviously, besides the mental edge you’ll have when landing a spear knee on your opponent, it could very easily knock the wind out of their sales and do some serious damage to their body.

Although a Muay Thai spear knee might look relatively simple from an outsiders view, the small intricacies (like pointing your toe or being on the balls of your feet) will make a big difference in the efficiency, power, and speed you deliver the knee. With that being said, make sure you are constantly practicing the Muay Thai spear knee technique so you get it’s full effect next time you fight a tough opponent.

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