Killer Muay Thai Kicking Drill | Improve Kicking Speed, Power and Endurance

Intense Muay Thai Kick Drills To Develop More Power, Speed & Cardio

The sound of shattering ribs and broken legs, like sticks crackling in a fire, except this fire ain’t one of nature. It’s man made. It’s your shin chopping against your opponent’s rib and crunching against each individual bone. Yikes. Such is the devastation of kicks…and such is the beauty.

The goal of fighting is to hit and not get hit, so wouldn’t the best way of accomplishing this be to fight at a distance? Damn straight. Then you best make use of the longest limbs that you got. Your leg is a spear that gives range, an axe that chops, and a sword that pierces. Sounds like a lot of choice. Let’s simplify it.

Want to increase kicking power? Kicking speed?

I’m sure we all do, however, the priority shouldn’t be either of the two for the simple reason that kicks are already absurdly powerful and, so long as you stretch properly, can be absurdly quick. What instead shall be the focus then? Set up and timing.

So what type of drill helps with all of these concepts? The Muay Thai kicking drill below demonstrated by pro fighters Sean Fagan and Chris Mauceri. Check it out and if you like it make sure to download these 3 other awesome kicking drills!

If legs are so powerful then why are kick knockouts so infrequent? Simple, because they’re too easy to see coming. Therefore, if one wants a Mirko Cro Cop or Peter Aerts-esque highlight reel, one must focus on setting it up right, because if you set it up right the timing will fall into place.

Let’s chat specifics. Moving your rear foot to a person’s face is a difficult task, it’s a rather long distance to cover which gives the opponent much more time to react. And since legs are…well, legs are legs, they can be rather difficult to set up without giving away too much.

No worries though. We’re here to make the difficult easy. Want your opponent not to see your kick coming and instead only see canvas, stars, and bright lights? Well, well…let’s chat set ups:

Tricky Muay Thai Head Kick Setup Technique – Advanced Muay Thai Combo

Still determined to increase kicking power and speed? I suppose why not? Assuming you’ve got set ups in mind and an ability to execute, you ought to be given a pass and allowed to work on speed and power. It’s just a time to have fun.

To get an idea of the fun and devastation you’ll be up to, take a peek at the Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown below, and find in it…your key to destruction:

Samkor Tribute: The Ferocious Left-Kick Legend

If you’re looking to improve the power, speed and technique in your kicks, then make sure you download these free 3 Killer Kicking Drills! Watch them now and start adding them into you’re trainings sessions immediately!

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