Muay Thai Kick Drill – Countering With Low Kicks

How To Drill Counters With The Low Kick

Drills make skills. It’s that simple, or is it?

“Practice makes perfect” is an often quoted phrase, but the quote has no emphasis on what type of practice needs doing. Repetition will cement an action in our muscle memory, remembering how to do something. You can’t make progress without practice, but practice doesn’t always mean progress.

Unfortunately, there will be periods of doubt and times where we lose motivation or passion due to the lack of progress. Progress can at times be one step forward and two steps back, it’s a tricky idea to gauge. However, doubt comes to everyone. Think of any of your idols and mentors… chances are that they have once doubted themselves. Keep that in mind the next time doubt seeps into your head.

Consistency is the key. It’s the same for fighting as it is for dieting, working out, or anything else.

The average diet you follow is better than the best diet you quit. Now, think about how this applies to muscle memory. Develop quality before you move to quantity. Proper technique, proper drilling, that’s the way to go. There are no bad habits here.

Start easy, get in one quality technique in. It could be something as simple as one solid low kick landing flush, then keep going, keep the consistency up and you will develop a quantity of quality. Begin your first steps with this drill courtesy of USMTA Champ Chris Clodfelter of Eight Points Muay Thai:

Muay Thai Kick Drill – Countering With Low Kicks

Got that quality down? Well, then sir, it’s time to develop some trickery. What type of trickery you say? How about the ghostly apparition type? Sounds good? Then, I would like to present to you the double step.

How’s it resemble the qualities of a ghost? Well, you’ll be in and out in no time, thus the opponent will not be able to touch you.  Move in, deliver the pain, and move out having no pain delivered unto you.

Muay Thai Double Step Low Kick – Advanced Footwork Technique

Building on the theme of trickery, there’s no feeling quite like hitting the opponent when he thinks you’re afraid. When people move backwards, there’s a strong implication that the one back pedaling does not want anything to do with his opponent. However, what if said person is just being a sly dawg? That’s what the backslide low-kick is for.

Just chill…slide back…and kick the leg. Take a peek at how the masters did it in the Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown below:

Backslide Low-Kick ft. Ernesto Hoost & Daniel Ghita

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