6 Left Body Kick Counters for Muay Thai

How To Counter The Left Roundhouse To The Body

Top southpaws like Yodsanklai, Coban, Sam-A, Giorgio Petrosyan and others LOVE throwing their left roundhouse to orthodox opponents. Why? Because it can be a devastating blow that can break ribs and slow down any type of fighter.

In order to avoid serious damage from these left roundhouses to the body, you need to have an arsenal of counter techniques to use to deter your opponent from throwing the left body kick. Take a look at these left body kick counters and see which muay thai techniques you can add to your bag of tricks!

6 Muay Thai Kick Counters

Here are 6 quick breakdowns of each muay thai body kick counter technique:

  1. Check and Return – Pretty self explanatory. Lift your right leg diagonally forward to check your opponents body kick and return immediately with a kick of your own.
  2. Catch and Counter – Use your right arm to soften the blow of the kick to the body while at the same time using your other arm to grab a hold of your opponents kick. From there, sweep your opponents leg past you as you load up a left roundhouse of your own.
  3. Catch and Sweep – Again, use your right arm to avoid taking a kick directly to the ribs by tucking it in tight to absorb the blow. From there, reach under to grab a hold of your opponents kicking leg then proceed to swing it through as you position yourself to sweep your opponents post leg.
  4. Catch and Knee – As your opponent kicks, step away from the kick and catch it against your body. As you are stepping away and catching the kick, you need to set up your feet to deliver a knee straight to your opponents sternum.
  5. Catch and Spinning Elbow – This is a badass technique, especially if you pull it off. Catch your opponents kick by using your right arm to block and your left arm to catch. From there go directly into the spinning back elbow as you drop your opponents leg.
  6. Block and Return – If the kick comes in too fast for you to catch or check, then use your right arm to block and return with a 3 strike combination.

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