Muay Thai Kick Counter Against Punchers | How To Counter A Puncher

The Switch Kick Counter Technique Against A Boxer

The Muay Thai switch kick is one of the best counters against an aggressive puncher. When a fighter extends their body to throw a punch it often leaves their ribs and body open, which is a perfect time to throw a kick!

Although there are many counters you can use against a boxer (knees, clinch, elbows etc.), roundhouses are arguably the most effective because of the amount of power you can deliver with the kick. Not only that, but you can also avoid being hit with a punch since you’ll be leaning back and out of range of any punches coming at you.

Learn how to defend against a puncher with this Muay Thai counter kick technique demonstrated by champion Mathias Gallo Cassarino of 7 Muay Thai Gym.

Muay Thai Kick Counter Against Punchers

The switch kick to the body can cripple your opponents if timed properly. In order to perfect the timing and technique of this super effective and brutal counter, it’s important to constantly be drilling it during your training sessions with your partners.

In the next video, US WKA champ Chris Romulo of CROM Physical Culture shows us a great drill to do to sharpen your switch kick technique and become deadly accurate with it. Give it a look!

Muay Thai Switch Kick Drill Against Boxers

You probably saw in the last video how Buakaw has been able to effectively stop his heavy-handed opponents with that same switch kick technique. Even when he throws the kick and it lands on his opponents forearms, it still stops them in their tracks and keeps them from moving forward with punches. Not only that, but the accumulated damage to their arms will decrease their punching power so even if they could land a punch, it won’t hurt nearly as much.

Check out this complete breakdown by striking analyst Lawrence Kenshin on how Buakaw uses the switch kick to tenderize hard hitting Mike Zambidis.

Buakaw Analysis: Shutting Down “Iron Mike” Zambidis


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