Muay Thai Kick Combo – Front Teep, Rear Roundhouse

Muay Thai Combination Technique Tutorial

Driving your opponent back with a teep and then following up with a powerful switch kick roundhouse can deal some serious damage. If you’re able to use this Muay Thai kicking combo correctly, you can easily push your opponent up against the ropes and leave him nowhere to go when you unload your hard roundhouse kick.

Take a look at the heavy bag technique tutorial to learn the proper footwork and movements so you can land this kick combination in your next sparring session or fight.

Muay Thai Kick Combo – Front Teep, Rear Roundhouse

In order to make effectively perform this combination, you need to make sure your footwork is in order.

Once you land your teep and push your opponent back, you should transfer straight into a switch kick. This will give your opponent very little time to defend and it will give you more momentum to spring forward into your roundhouse kick.

Dig this heavy bag technique tutorial?

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