Muay Thai Kick Combination

The Inside Leg Kick & Teep Kicking Combo

Punching combinations are everywhere, but can the same be said of kicking combinations? Definitely not.

The round kick and teep are both like the jabs of the lower body; the teep more so, because has the ability to spear the opponent and stop them dead in their tracks. These techniques are both low commitment strikes that are capable of placing a careless opponent in a bad position. A well-placed leg kick could easily sweep an opponent with poor weight distribution, and a well-timed teep could effortlessly drop an opponent who’s moving towards you.

However, that is not what is best in this combo. What is best in this combination is the reaction your opponent will most likely give you. I’d wager that it’s a safe bet that your opponent will look to counter your kick with a punch, so when they move in after the first kick, that’s when the second kick comes up and stings them dead.

Muay Thai Kick Combination | Inside Leg Kick To Teep

It would bring you no pride to have your kick caught, but it surely brings pride to escape it. Kicking can be a risky game. You’re sacrificing your base temporarily, and if your opponent takes control of that base..oh, lordy. Bad news.

That’s why we keep escape plans in our back pocket, front pockets, side pockets, and all our pockets.

How To Escape A Caught Kick | Muay Thai Defense Technique

Perfect fighting is when you hit and don’t get hit, and what better way to hit and not get hit than angles. Find a proper angle and you will not only avoid counter fire, you will also maximize the effectiveness of your strike. Let’s take a peek at dominant angles through the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Moments of Brilliance: Buakaw’s Dominant Angle Switch-Kick

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