Fight of the Week: Muay Thai Icon vs. Kickboxing Technician

Kickboxing Fight of the Week: Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs. Giorgio Petrosyan

It doesn’t get much better than watching Muay Thai icon, Buakaw, fight a technical genius and kickboxing legend, Giorgio Petrosyan.

Buakaw is one of the first Thai fighters to break out in the K-1 and kickboxing world. He holds wins over legends like Masato, Andy Souwer, Mike Zambidis and a number of others. He was also a 2-time K-1 World Max champion and holds belts in various other promotions.

Giorgio Petrosyan, also known as “The Doctor”, has some of the most precise striking you’ll ever see in combat sports. He’s a technical wiz and has the amazing record of 72-2 to prove it. With rumblings of a fight against Muay Thai powerhouse Yodsanklai, I figure it was a good time to relive an entertaining fight between two legends.

Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs. Giorgio Petrosyan

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