Muay Thai Head Kick Combo – Cross, Hook, High Kick Technique Tutorial

Set Up A Head Kick With This Two-Punch Combo

how to throw a muay thai head kick combo buakawIn the last post I wrote about setting up the head kick, I talked about the importance of using other strikes to open up the opportunity for a high kick.

The Muay Thai combo I demonstrate in this tutorial video is one of my favorite for setting up and landing a solid head kick. Starting off with the cross allows you to cover distance while simultaneously getting your opponent’s guard up.

From there, you have a prime opportunity to land a hard liver shot, which in turn forces him to drop his guard to protect his body. Now your chances of landing a head kick are much higher now because of your opponents lowered guard!

Take a look at the Muay Thai combo technique tutorial below. It’ll demonstrate the combo and show you how to get the the best angle of attack to land the head kick of your dreams!

Muay Thai Combo Tutorial – Cross, Hook, Head Kick

Like I mentioned in my previous post about the head kick, there are a lot of factors that go into not only throwing, but landing a head kick. If you don’t have proper technique, good flexibility, and a solid way of setting it up, chances are much more likely that your kick will miss and be countered.

If you need some help with your flexibility, make sure you download this free mini-guide for 13 stretches and flexibility tips.

Or if you’d like a detailed program to follow that is proven and guaranteed to help, try the same hip flexibility program I’m in the process of using created by my friend and UFC coach Eric Wong. It’s called the Hip Flexibility Solution, check it out!

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