Muay Thai Head Kick, Power Punch Combination

How To Set Up the KO Punch with a Head Kick

Learning how to set up the head kick by using punches is one thing, but what about the opposite? What about setting up a straight or a power hook off of the head kick?

This type of Muay Thai technique has been used by many of the great fighters including Ramon Dekkers. Ramon loved setting up his powerful left hook with a hard right roundhouse to his opponent’s head. As he’s retracting his kicking leg, he uses his momentum to torque into a hard left hook that usually lands due to the opening created from the high kick.

Want to try out this head kick, power punch combination? Take a look at this Muay Thai technique tutorial by one of UK’s finest, Damien Trainor:

The head kick is obviously one of the most devastating strikes to land, so using it as bait to set up your other strikes is a great way to catch your opponent off guard.

However, if you want to land the head kick, you’re going to have to throw combinations to set it up. Try this tricky head kick technique that I like to use against my training partners!

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