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MTG 036: 50 Kicks For Khem Fundraiser

khem muay thai fundraiserWhat we discuss on the Muay Thai Guy podcast:

In this special edition of the Muay Thai Guy podcast, I interview one of the main figures behind the Khem ’50 Kicks’ Fundraiser, Will Vanevild from Kaitburin UK. We discuss in detail what the fundraiser is about and how people can donate to help a former champion in Khem Kietbasuba. Listen to find out:

– Who Khem Kietbasuba is and why he needs our help.
– How the fundraiser came to be.
– What the main goal behind the fundraiser is.
– How to make a contribution with 50 kicks or a donation.
– The rules for the competition and what awesome prizes you can win for making a donation!

It only takes about 30 seconds to do the kicks and a few minutes to donate on the fundraiser page, so if you have 5 minutes of free time, make a donation and do your 50 kicks!

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To find out more make sure to check out the Khem ’50 Kicks’ Facebook Page as well as the webpage that goes in to detail the rules and prizes. For now scroll down to see 50 kicks from myself, John Wayne Parr and Kevin Ross! Also check out some of the prizes that will be given away!

50 Kicks For Khem Videos

John Wayne Parr sounding like an animal during his 50 kicks. Dude is a beast!

Kevin “Da Soul Assassin” Ross throwing in his 50 kicks after binge eating junk food for 2 weeks after his fight against Tetsuya Yamato. #cantstopfatty

Not gonna lie, I smoked a little before doing these 50 kicks and am very surprised I didn’t pass out mid-way through.

Iman Barlow out of England showing off her speed with 50 solid kicks.

Prizes for donations, contestants and winners of the Khem ’50 Kick’ Fundraiser:

Click here to see the entire fundraiser and prizes page

Khem fundraiser prizes


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