Muay Thai Footwork and Counters – Taking Dominant Angles

 Simple Muay Thai Footwork To Setup Devastating Counters

When facing an aggressive puncher, moving straight back is one of the worst things that you can do. If you create the bad habit of backing straight up when being attacked, you’ll end up taking a serious beating because you’ll be stuck on the ropes with nowhere to go… it won’t be pretty.

Footwork is key if you want to avoid this extremely dangerous scenario. By utilizing relatively basic movements and footwork you’ll be able to evade your opponents attacks while simultaneously setting up counters with the angles you create. Saenchai is one of the best examples of how to use footwork and angular movements to avoid taking damage and open up prime angles to attack.

In the Muay Thai tutorial video below, coach Angelo Wolf Sposato of Accademia Kama & Scuola di Sport in Italy demonstrates a couple of ways to use dominant angles and basic footwork to open up advanced Muay Thai counters to land on an aggressive opponent. Try it out!

  Muay Thai Footwork Counters – Taking Dominant Angles

Speaking of creating angles, one of the best way to do that is by using the “switch” in a variety of attacks. Most Nak Muay use the switch kick and switch knee, but what about trying a switch elbow or switch hook?

Well, try adding these advanced Muay Thai techniques demonstrated by Khru Ray Cole of Khanomtom Muay Thai to your arsenal of attacks if you want to catch your opponent off guard and land some killer punches, elbows and knees.

Advanced Muay Thai Techniques | Switch Kicks, Punches and Elbows

Another Muay Thai legend who utilized angles and incredible footwork was none other than the great Samart Payakaroon. Known for his fluid movements, lightning-fast reflexes and beautiful technique, Samart was able to pick apart his opponents due to his use of angles and turning tactics. See what I mean in the Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown below:

Samart Payakaroon: Turning Tactics

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