muay thai elbow techniques and strikes

Muay Thai Elbow Techniques

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Muay Thai Elbow Strikes and Technique Videos

cowboy cerrone elbows

Donald Cerrone is a UFC fighter who has sick stand up skills and uses his elbows very, very well.

There isn’t a much cooler feeling than landing a clean elbow strike in a fight, but on the other hand, being hit or cut with an elbow is not cool at all.

Knowing a variety of muay thai elbow techniques is a crucial component of the clinch game, and neglecting to learn certain elbow techniques can leave you at a disadvantage in the clinch. There are also elbow strikes you can use from the outside like the spinning back elbow, which is SICK if you land it!

Even if you don’t fight with elbows (in a modified rules bout or a kickboxing fight), it’s good to still practice them and know them for when you are allowed to throw them. Below I’ve come up with a bunch of the best muay thai elbow strikes and technique videos to check out. Give them a look and start to implement them into your training!


Basic Muay Thai Elbow Techniques

In this technique video Sean Hinds and a former opponent of mine, Joey Hernandez, show us 4 basic muay thai elbow strikes. It’s a good break down of the basis hook/horizontal elbow, uppercut elbow, downward/spiking elbow and the spinning back elbow.

Fake teep to elbow

Muay Thai Minute shows a sweet feint to do to cover some ground and land a solid elbow. I like to use teeps to set up knees, but now that I know this technique, I have another weapon in my arsenal!

Elbows can be tough to land, but if you are able to simultaneously break down your opponents defense while you’re delivering an elbow, then you have a much better chance and landing one flush.

Reverse Upward Elbow

I dream about landing this elbow strike. I’ve seen some guys land this strike with full force and it is devastating. One day I’ll land it… one day.

Spinning Back Elbow Off Jab

Throwing a wild spinning back elbow with no type of fake or set up can get you knocked out. Knowing the right way to set up a spinning back elbow is crucial if you ever want to land it!

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