Muay Thai Elbow Technique | Jab Parry to Rear Elbow

How To Parry a Jab and Land an Elbow

Never neglect details.

A simple parry is sometimes all that is necessary. If you overthrow the motion, you could end up on the receiving end of some serious hurt. When you’re parrying to then move into the clinch range, you’ve got to deal with a tremendous load of details. The room for error when fighting at a clinch range versus fighting at kicking range is astoundingly different. Why?

The room for error when fighting at a clinch range versus fighting at kicking range is astoundingly different. Why? Because space is time. The less space you have, the less time you have. The importance of being able to survive and thrive in a close distance cannot be overstated, and if you’re an individual that thrives in the close distance, then you’re in for a good time.

If you often get an opportunity to throw your opponent into a whirlwind, you should do so; counter a high-frequency attack with a low-literacy technique. Basically, you’re a master of driving stick shift but the person racing next to you has only driven automatic and never touched stick shift before, and you have every opportunity to throw him out of his automatic and into a stick shift.

Muay Thai Elbow Technique | Jab Parry to Rear Elbow

Need techniques to operate on the roads less traveled by? This won’t just be your map; this will give you God’s hand to mark Xs all over. You can create your own spaces and bury your own treasures. You’ll mostly be burying fists in skulls, though.

3 Lethal Muay Thai Clinch Techniques, Elbows and Sweeps

Some details are so small that you need slow motion to pick them up. Other details need another set of eyes…maybe Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown?

Moments of Brilliance: Saenchai Hand-Trapped Teep

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