Muay Thai Double Step Low Kick – Advanced Footwork

How To Utilize The Advanced Double Step To Setup The Low Kick

Does this sound familiar? You’re moving in the right direction, circling properly, but you still can’t seem to evade your opponent or trap him. Sometimes simple steps aren’t enough to avoid strikes because they either won’t take you far enough, or they’re just not fast enough.

When basic footwork is not enough to get you out off the ropes or your opponent into them, then you may need to utilize some advanced footwork techniques. The double step is a technique that allows you to move rapidly all while maintaining control. You will be able to advance faster, further, and you will also be able to change direction, which will be your safety net should you need it.

However, don’t rule out the possibility that your basic footwork may be what needs work. Even a few basic movements can get you out of danger and into a position where you’re able to create angles. By mastering the basics, your advanced techniques will be even more effective.

Next time you spar try out these basic footwork techniques to take dominant angles and counters demonstrated by coach Angelo Wolf Sposato of Accademia Kama & Scuola di Sport in Italy.

Muay Thai Footwork and Counters – Taking Dominant Angles

One of the greatest, if not the greatest, active Nak Muay today is Saenchai who has infinite ways to setup strikes and an array of advanced footwork techniques to match. He uses similar hop steps to enter range and can use them in rapid and broken rhythms to catch the opponent off guard.

Here’s a breakdown of his technical genius in the Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown below:

Southpaw Breakdown: Saenchai – The Technical Genius

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