Muay Thai Defensive Drill: The Shield Block

Stop Flinching! Shield Technique For Sparring

Getting hit in the face is no fun.

It’s no fun for us nor our brain, yet it is a constant. The less time you spent with a rocked noggin the better, so how does one avoid such a ghastly fate? By sparring smart via qualitative changes.

Closing of the eyes when a strike is coming at your face is a mistake that appears even in professional striking. The strike that you don’t see coming is often the one that does the most damage, and closing your eyes is the SUREST way to ensure that you never see any strikes coming. If you have the filthy habit of closing your eyes when a strike comes your way, this is the antidote.

Sparring can often be a moment where beginners raise the white flag, turn tail, and exit themselves through the door from which they came. It is a failure point that we will tip-toe around skillfully. We will do this with the shield block.

Muay Thai Defensive Drill: The Shield Block

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In fighting, like language learning, we need a basic vocabulary. You begin with the basics, jabs, straights, teeps, etc. Once the basics have been mastered, you can start putting together combinations, making sentences.

These are 10 basic Muay Thai combinations to get you started. Once these have been mastered, you may start getting trickier, going from ordinary sentences…to Shakespeare.

10 Basic Muay Thai Combos | Best Combinations For Beginners

We close our eyes often because of fear. Fear is the root issue that needs addressing here. Prolonged practice can eventually cure fear, but it is not the most efficient way to do it, in the same way that repeating a foreign phrase repeatedly isn’t the most efficient way to memorize it.

Though repetition does yield results, the results will hinge greatly on your patience and endurance. We’re going to throw both of those traits out the window and assume you have neither. How do you defeat fear then? Tactics.

Ole Kiatoneway: Tactics Against a Fearsome Puncher | Lawrence Kenshin

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