Muay Thai Defense Against An Aggressive Fighter and How To Counter Punches With Knees

Muay Thai Defensive Technique Tutorials 

We all know that a Muay Thai knee can be an absolutely devastating strike, especially when your opponents momentum carries him directly into the knee. Therefore, using a knee as a counter to an aggressive puncher will most likely stop your opponent in his tracks and could even possibly drop him for a count.

One of the best ways to land a Muay Thai knee is countering off of straight punches. As your opponent throws either a jab or a cross, you can use a parry to deflect the punch while simultaneously using you and your opponents momentum to your advantage. Check out this Muay Thai technique tutorial which is one of the 50+ techniques in my Clinch King video course. 

Muay Thai Clinch and Knee Counter to Punches Tutorial

love using this counter technique whenever I get the chance. Unfortunately, a lot of my training partners like to use this on me too since I often come forward with punches. This technique video from Clinch King was featured on the Warriors Collective YouTube channel which has some of the best Muay Thai technique tutorials that you need to check out… You should definitely subscribe.

Speaking of Warriors Collective, they recently just uploaded another very useful Muay Thai tutorial that shows a solid Muay Thai defense for dealing with aggressive fighters. So, if you constantly find yourself being barraged by forward moving, hard-punchers, the simple defensive techniques demonstrated in the following video are going to be essential to defending yourself and avoiding damage.

Muay Thai Countering the Aggressive Fighter Tutorial


Isn’t that a sweet and easy technique? It gives me so many ideas to use next sparring session against my training partners… I can’t wait!

The best thing you can do right now is to pick one or two of these Muay Thai defense techniques and utilize them as soon as possible. So, next time you hit the gym and do some sparring make sure you use these defense maneuvers and counters so they become a permanent part of your arsenal.

I hope you enjoyed these technique tutorial videos, make sure to sign up to become a member of Muay Thai Nation where you’ll get exclusive videos, tips, free downloads and more! Also, if you want to learn more Muay Thai techniques and combos, just click here.


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