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muay thai defensive techniques how to check a kick

A great photo by Steve Bauzen of me checking a kick against my opponent Joey Hernandez during my title fight at MSG.

Having a solid defense is super important as a muay thai fighter… but, you already knew that.

Learning muay thai defensive techniques like how to check a kick, parry punches or counter your opponent, are essential skills to have in order to be successful in the ring. If you are unable to defense yourself chances are you are going to end up with more bumps, bruises and injuries than the fighters who are more elusive and have better defense.

Defense is something I seem to lack. I’ll check the occasional kick and block a punch every now and then, but most of the time I usually just walk into hard shots and block them with my face, and it’s not as fun as it sounds.

The last couple of fights I’ve had have been against really tough opponents and these guys made me pay for having a shit defense. After being injured last fight, partially because of my crap defense, I’ve come to terms that I need to work on mine big time!

These defensive muay thai technique videos below demonstrate some of the basic moves and techniques that are essential to any fighters repertoire. Fundamental techniques like these can mean the difference between winning a fight and getting seriously hurt.

How To Check A Muay Thai Kick

Learning the basics to checking a leg or body kick is essential to any thai boxers defense. Check out this instructional by pro fighter Sean Hinds.

How To Avoid A Kick And Counter

Checking kicks is a good defensive technique to use, but if you can avoid taking any kind of damage at all and return with a counter, why not do that instead? Damon Faulkner from Muay Thai Minute demonstrates a basic kick evasion technique and counter.

How To Defend/Block Straight and Hook Punches

It’s pretty obvious you’re going to have to know how to defend punches one way or another. Here is a good breakdown by Anthony Williams on how to block straight and hooks.

How To Parry The Teep

Defending a teep can be frustrating if you’re not sure how to do it correctly. Take a look at this tutorial I made on my Muay Thai Guy youtube channel.

What To Do When Your Opponent Catches Your Teep or Roundhouse

It’s unavoidable not getting your kick caught at least once in sparring or a fight, so knowing that to do when that happens is important to you don’t get punched in the face or dumped on your ass.

Teep Catch to Spinning Back Elbow

Obviously a more advanced technique to pull off, but I’ve seen this done live by my buddy Chris Mauceri and it was AWESOME. (Check the video out here and go to about 2:05 in the video. It’s off a switch kick, but basically the same technique.)


These are just some of the great muay thai defensive technique videos made by both Damon Faulkner of Muay Thai Minute and Anthony Williams from Make sure to check out their youtube channels to add more to your defensive game so you can avoid punishment, find openings and frustrate your opponent!

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