Muay Thai Defense Against Punches – Long Guard To Thai Clinch

How To Defend Punches With The Long Guard And Transition Into The Clinch

Fear not mortals, though your opponent may be swinging more wildly than…than someone that swings wildly, you need not back down from your foe. For I wish to bestow you with the long guard, with this lever you shall move the world and, specifically I guess, move into the clinch, from which you will provide pain and more pain.

Alright, fancy language aside, transitioning from one position to another while on the defensive or offensive is an art in and of itself.

Music is not in the notes, but in the space between them. A fight will move from position to position and range to range just as movies move from act to act and books from chapter to chapter. You can consider the transition from position to position or range to range as a change in phase. Most see only the positions and ranges, but they do not see the notes between them.

Think about Andy Ristie and Marcelo Garcia, recall any “what did they do?”,”how did they get that knockout/submission?” moments? They saw the space between the notes and are thus able to work wonders in an area most do not see.

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.” – Albert Szent-Györgyi

What new spaces have you discovered?

Muay Thai Defense Against Punches | Long Guard to Thai Clinch Entry

Let’s chat memory and creativity.

Memory is what you know and creativity is what you can create out of what you know. Therefore, if one wanted more creativity then one method would be to memorize more. I don’t mean memorize in the remote repetition sense of the word, I mean having a thought in your mind that you may let roll around some.

A thought that you can turn from pure data to a connection in a meaningful way. To have all data stored in your brain hang on a latticework of theory.

The goal is to connect thoughts and to find new creations, more discoveries. Onward we shall march towards our creative destiny and with us we shall bring an array of knowledge, of techniques. We will take these notes and betwixt them we shall discover new tunes, and within them we shall find grand symphonies. Here’s something to get you jogging, courtesy of Damien Trainor:

Muay Thai Clinch Knee Technique | How To Setup The Knee To The Head

Should the urge ever come to you, the urge of wanting to knee someone’s head into another dimension, then we need to have a sit down and chat about…Dieselnoi.

If you want a fine chef that will provide you the recipe of a fine ass kicking, then look no further than this man, because he is the peak. He’s the Sky Piercing Knee! And this, is Lawrence Kenshin’s breakdown:

Tribute to Dieselnoi: The Greatest Knee Specialist

Click here to download a FREE 3-part video series and start dominating the clinch!

Click here to download a FREE 3-part video series and start dominating the clinch!

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