3 Muay Thai Counters to the Overhand Right

 How To Counter The Overhand Right With Muay Thai Techniques

I LOVE throwing the overhand right… maybe even a little too much.

If an opponent picks up on the fact that I’m using the overhand technique over and over again, they are likely to use one of these 3 muay thai counter techniques. After one of these counters land, then chances are I am much less likely to be chucking my right hand recklessly. Try out these muay thai counters to the overhand right the next time you spar!

When you’re facing a heavy puncher and they overextend on their overhand right, or even their hook, these counter techniques can be very effective in doing some damage and stopping their aggressive attacks:

  1. Long Guard and Knee – If you are able to stop the motion of your opponents overhand with a long guard, then it will open up the opportunity for a hard knee to the body or the ribs. Just keep in mind that the overhand can still land, so keep your chin tucked behind your long guard to avoid getting hit on the chin. You can also decide to use the long guard to initiate the clinch and start landing some elbows and knees on the inside.
  2. Step Back Pendulum Kick – As your opponent extends for the overhand right, a great counter attack is to step back and throw a left pendulum/roundhouse kick to the ribs. Kicking your opponent in the body should already do some damage, but if you’re able to catch him as he is extended and vulnerable, it can very easily drop him.
  3. Body Cross, Head Hook – If your opponent is telegraphing the overhand right, a solid counter is to drop a level to land a hard straight to the body. Not only will you be avoiding the overhand with your level change, but it will also give you more openings to land a solid combination too.

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Dig this technique? Comment below and let me know what you think! Also, make sure to share it with your training partners and instructors so you can try it out during your next training session.


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  1. This is awesome. I really like the knee counter and the last counter you showed. I will definitely try to implement these techniques the next opportunity I get. I am not super sure about the second one (I am afraid of losing my balance) but I see its use. Great Video, keep them coming!

    1. Thanks man! Yea stepping back into the left roundhouse can be difficult but it’s effective if you can land it. Let me know how the other 2 counters work out!

  2. Awesome counters! Do you think it’s still possible to use this in a southpaw vs orthodox situation, with the southpaw utilizing these counters?

    1. Yes, although you might have to switch them up slightly based on whether you’re the southpaw or orthodox fighter. But generally speaking they should work

  3. Going to give these a go at training tonight, I enjoy reading your posts, very helpful with my development as a fighter, much appreciated

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