Muay Thai Countering: Using Lead Side Techniques

Countering With Hooks, Teeps, and Switch Kicks

Countering strikes fear into the opponent like no other.

Countering with only one side of your body? Well…that makes you, pardon my language, the baddest of bad mother fuckers.

Fighting is often a gigantic flow chart. It’s moves and counter moves. The game is one of luck and madness. Actually, how luck based and maddening is this game really? I would wager not quite so if you’ve got the moves and counter moves.

But…with this flow chart being as giant as it is, how could you reduce the role of luck and the chaos of anarchy? You increase your counter moves. We will expand your vocabulary with simplicity.  We will take one limb…and make you—you guessed it—the baddest of bad mother fuckers.

Muay Thai Countering: Using Lead Side Techniques

When you’ve placed your body in the proper position as JJ did in the above video, you’ve got your options open to you.  One simple change like pointing your lead foot at your opponent’s center line can be turn your left limbs into laser-guided missiles.

However, it wouldn’t be near so fun if we simply countered with one technique. We’re going to add a bit more spice into this situation. Variety is the spice of life, and variety…shall be the downfall of your next opponent.

Muay Thai Kick Combo | Inside Leg Kick To Teep

Only one man can say they fought Alistair Overeem with only one working arm, and that man…is Gokhan Saki. His combinations with one arm are already great works of art on their own. If he can paint Picassos with one arm…imagine what he does with two? It’s the Mona Lisa of striking combinations.

From  Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns. Enjoy.

Epic Glory Moments: The Combo Of the Century by Gokhan Saki | Lawrence Kenshin

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