Muay Thai Counter: Switch Stance Hook, Kick Combo

A Trick to Catch Your Opponent Coming In

This technique is like walking.

Alistair Overeem is a fan of switch-hitting, Tyrone Spong is a fan of switch-hitting, and Andy Ristie is a fan of switch-hitting. All of these men, you will notice, are beasts who can march their opponent down into the ropes before they punch their heads into another dimension. What tool allows this? Switch-hitting. But why is it like walking?

Pretty simple. You’re utilizing your natural gait of moving forward with your rear leg first. Switch-hitting allows for you to march down—actually, walk down—your opponent. However, we are going to flip this.

Instead of walking your opponent down, this technique is about countering your opponent as they move forward. The stance switch is a perfect technique for countering simply because of the number one and the unbeatable defensive tool every fighter has in their arsenal: distance. In an open guard/stance (southpaw vs orthodox) fight, you will notice how much farther apart each fighter is than in a closed guard/stance (southpaw vs southpaw, orthodox vs orthodox) fight.

Distance is the best defense, but it also, as demonstrated in the video below, makes getting the knockout a walk in the park:

The Switch Stance Hook Counter Setup

I know your worst nightmare. If you’re anything like me, it’s getting bull-rushed and knocked out in seconds. Pressure is not fun to deal with. You’re sweaty, you’re tired, and you’re all other kinds of uncomfortable. However, once again, distance is the best defense.

If you’re looking to flip that nightmare over, it’s time to utilize a defensive tool that’ll make Floyd Mayweather’s philly shell look like the straw house from the Three Little Pigs:

How to Handle Pressure Fighters

We return to the power of switching. If you seek more details about the power of the switch, you will need this Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

Moments of Brilliance: Buakaw’s Deceptive Switch Sweep

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