Muay Thai Core Workout For Explosive Knockout Power

Simple but INTENSE Muay Thai Abs Workout 

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muay thai ab workout circuitIt’s very common for us Muay Thai practitioners to be training “abs” just so that we can be able to absorb a body shot. Have you ever thought of training your abs for explosive power development?

The strength of our core has a HUGE effect on the power of our punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Try this little experiment: Punch as hard as you can while relaxing your abdominals. Not that impressive, is it?

When we attempt to punch or kick as hard as possible, we naturally tense up our abs and core to deliver the blow. This tension helps deliver the power we generate from the floor and hips into the end of our fist. If you have a weak core, there’s no way you’re going to be able to hit hard.

If we want to deliver as much power as possible in our strikes, we’re going to have to increase the tension in our midsection. Which is also known as bracing our abs.

Unfortunately, we don’t do this by banging out spring ups or holding a plank for as long as possible. As a matter of fact, any ab exercise that you’re doing for 100+ reps isn’t doing anything for your power.

We need to train our core for STRENGTH. We need to treat our midsection like any other muscle group in our body. Therefore, we’re going to be focusing on the lower rep ranges when it comes to training our abs.

A great side effect to training your abs and core like this is getting a ripped six-pack. Even though you’re not aiming for a higher rep range, your abs will be working harder than anything you’ve done in the past. Now you’re probably thinking that you’re going to have to step into the weight room in order to get your core stronger. Believe it or not, you can train your core for strength with just your own bodyweight. And I’m going to show you how!

Here’s a sample Muay Thai ab workout that will train your core for explosive power. This core circuit that I am about to show you will teach you how to brace your abs HARD so that you can develop that knockout strike.

So without further delay, here is your core workout for knock out power:

The Thai Fighter’s Abs Circuit

Hardstyle Plank – 10 Sec x3

Long Plank Walkouts – 5 Reps 

Long Plank Armpit Touches – 5 Reps Each Side

Box Plank – 10 Reps Each Side

Rest 60 Sec

Repeat for a total of 3-5 rounds.

If it’s your first time doing this Muay Thai ab circuit, start with 3 rounds and work your way up to 5. You can perform this core workout after a technical training session or even on an off day.

Now you’re probably wondering what these exercises look like. Check out the video below where I go through every exercise in the circuit.

Muay Thai Core Workout Circuit

There you have it, a core routine that will take your striking power to a whole new level and now you’ll have Six-Pack Abs that look the part.

If you would like more workouts like this, check out easy to follow videos and a complete step-by-step guide in getting you Knock Out Power and Six-Pack Abs with just your own bodyweight!

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