muay thai gauntlet conditinoing circuit workout

Muay Thai Conditioning Workout – The Gauntlet Circuit By Funk Roberts

Muay Thai Workout Of The Month – December 2013

Doing intense muay thai conditioning workouts has always been one of my favorite aspects of training. instead of going through the same mundane muay thai training routine or skipping rope, shadowboxing etc. I like mixing up my training every once in awhile to keep my workouts new and exciting,  By implementing kettlebells, timed circuits, body weight exercises and plyometrics, I’m able to diversify my training and improve my overall strength and conditioning.

When I first started searching youtube for the best muay thai conditioning workouts, I’d always stumble across this guy, Funk Roberts. Since his name was so awesome, I had to see what he had to offer. Although most of his workouts are tailored for MMA, he has also made some specifically for muay thai fighters like you and I. I’ve done a handful of his strength and conditioning circuits, and holy [email protected], they kick my ass!

Give this month’s workout, “The Gauntlet Muay Thai Workout” a try and see if you can survive the whole circuit!

Muay Thai Gauntlet Workout Circuit:

  1. Alternating DB Swings
  2. Moutain Climber Burpees
  3. Stability Ball Knee Strikes
  4. Med Ball Thai Power Thrust Burpees
  5. Alternating Jump Knees
  6. Tuck Jump Burpees
  7. Speed Push Ups
  8. Burpee Switch Kicks
  9. Shoulder 21’s
  10. Burpee Knees

Do as many reps for each exercises for 60 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 3 full rounds.

Funk’s strength and conditioning workouts are constantly evolving and he’s always putting out new videos on the regular, so definitely check out his youtube channel and subscribe. He’s also been kind enough to make a monthly muay thai workout video specifically for Muay Thai Nation, so keep checking back for more awesome, intense workouts by Funk!

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