Muay Thai Combination – Hook, Low Kick Technique Tutorial

How To Throw a Hook, Low Kick Combo – 3 Simple Variations

Believe it or not, some of the best and most effective Muay Thai combinations are the most basic. The hook-low kick is a prime example of short, simple Muay Thai combo that is very powerful and effective. In this video tutorial I demonstrate three different variations of the hook, low kick technique on the heavy bag that you can use during your next sparring session or fight.

The Hook, Low Kick Muay Thai Combo

Version #1 – As you throw the hook, take a small step diagonally towards and away from your opponent as you throw the hook. Stepping diagonally will help you avoid any counters and give you a better angle to your opponent. After or as you are stepping,  you can either land the hook or use it to push your opponent on his lead leg so you’re able to land a hard, powerful low kick without giving him any chance to defend.

Version #2 – While right in front of your opponent, throw your hook quickly without loading up or telegraphing it. As you begin to return the hook, throw your low kick while almost crouching and using your rear shoulder to cover your chin.

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Click here and sign up for a free 3-part video series with workouts, drills, techniques and more!

Version #3 – Instead of stepping out with your left foot, use your right foot to take a step outwards to your right as you throw your hook. As your opponent defends your hook you’ll have a great angle to attack the back of his rear leg with a low kick while simultaneously avoiding any counters (since you’ll basically be on the side of your opponent, as opposed to directly in front.).

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Which version of the hook-low kick combo do you think is the most effective? Is there any specific way you prefer to use this combo when you’re training/sparring? Comment below!

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