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Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Muay Thai Clinch Sweeps, Drills and Techniques

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One of the main aspects that makes Muay Thai different than kick boxing is the clinch game. In order to be a solid Thai fighter, you need to develop your Muay Thai clinch techniques including throws, knees, defense and sweeps.

Trust me, I’ve had issues with the Thai clinch in the past and it can be very demoralizing when your opponent can rag-doll you around the ring and land hard clinch knees to your ribs.

Early on in my career I neglected training the clinch because I really didn’t enjoy it too much. So instead of immersing myself and learning as much clinch techniques as possible, I thought I could still win fights by staying away from the clinch… I learned quickly that I was very naive and stupid for thinking that.

Since then I’ve been working feverishly to improve my clinch by embracing the inside game and learning as much as I can during my stints in Thailand and training back in NY.

I’ve complied some of the best muay thai clinch technique videos I could find online. They include some great instruction by the top trainers and fighters in the world. Take notes and start to implement these clinch throws, sweeps and techniques into your training so when fight night comes, you’ll be able to dominate in the clinch!

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Basic Muay Thai Clinch Technique and Drills

The Fundamentals of the Muay Thai Clinch:

This is the perfect clinch technique video that breaks down the basics of the thai clinch. It will give you a basic understanding on how to secure a tight plum position as well as a couple drills you can do to work on other basic clinch positions.

A Complete Crash Course in the Muay Thai Clinch:

I remember stumbling across this instructional video for the clinch and was amazed about how much he covers in the matter of 10 minutes. In this video Greg Nelson covers:

  • Almost all of the main clinch positions and basic defenses.
  • Simple clinching drills to do with a training partner.
  • Basic sweeps from the clinch and fundamental off-balancing techniques.
  • The general philosophy of what you should be doing in the muay thai clinch.

Muay Thai Minute Clinch Technique Videos

Here are 5 more additional thai clinch technique videos that I thought might be of some use. Muay Thai Minute and trainer Damon Faulkner do a great job at keeping these muay thai technique videos quick, informative and applicable to your training. Make sure to subscribe to their youtube channel for updates!

Double Underhook Clinch Throw

Obviously this technique is great when you secure double underhooks. If your opponent is fighting hard to stay balanced, it might take a lot of energy to take him/her down. The good thing is, even if you don’t take your opponent down, chances are it will open up for some type of knee or elbow strike.

Clinch Shrugs

Do not overlook something as simple as shrugging off your opponents attempted clinch. This is a great way to frustrate your opponent if they continue to reach in on the clinch and it can easily deter them from trying to grab your head.

Drag and Pull
I’m always getting dumped on my ass in the clinch and this is one of the takedown techniques that my opponents and training partners use. Guess I should study this video a little bit more…

Basic Throw

This is one of my go to clinch throws that can work really well if you get the timing down.

Knee Defense to Off-balance

Knowing how to defend in the clinch will save you a couple of ribs. This clinch defense not only give you the upper hand by landing the first knee, but also having control of your opponents momentum when they try to move forward to escape your knee defense.

free muay thai clinch videos drills techniques and sweeps

Watch this free video series if you’re seriously looking to improve your Muay Thai clinch game.

Be sure to check out my free 3-part Video Series on the Muay Thai clinch if you’re looking to take your clinch game up another level and really dominate your opponents on the inside.

This video course will cover sweeps, defensive maneuvers, knee attacks, elbow counters and more. Just click here or on the image to receive your free 3 videos.

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