Muay Thai Clinch: How To Turn Your Opponent To Land A Knee

How To Off-Balance The Opponent In The Clinch To Land A Knee

Balance is an important topic, but it’s not one often brought up. Reason being that remaining balanced is rather simple, or so one may think…let’s exploit this simplicity.

Lack of balance is what gets people knocked out, when they lack a base to absorb the shock it’ll (the shock) stay floating around their noggin. Hence, the need for a strong stance.

Let me use an example, ever wonder how Parkour athletes or Freerunners can jump off two-story or three-story buildings and be fine? Because of the roll. The roll takes the pressure off their feet, ankles, knees, and distributes it across their entire body, their bodies are then essentially flexible shock absorbers. Shoulder rolls used by James Toney and Floyd Mayweather follow the same principles.

Beautiful. So there is a basic lesson in shock absorption, now onto the nitty gritty goodness, courtesy of Chris Clodfelter of 8 Points Muay Thai:

Muay Thai Clinch: Turn Your Opponent To Land A Knee

The floor can hurt the most, so why not dump the opponent on his ass (thus exerting your dominance) and let the floor do some damage (maybe even knocking him out)? Yes, why the heck not.

If you so desire to make your opponent’s look foolish, then look no further than this technique demonstrated by Boom Wattanaya and Ahjan Dam from Wor Wattana Gym in Issan, Thailand:

Muay Thai Clinch Sweep | Off-Balancing Technique

Ready to step up to the big leagues? Now’s the time, and here’s the breakdown. It doesn’t matter how great your opponent is, it doesn’t matter if you’re a genius, if you have just one superior skill…you’re set. Leverage strengths.

Are you only as strong as your weakest link? I say maybe. However, I also say that a weak link in the chain don’t mean you can’t still take that chain out and beat your opponent with it. Remember, weaknesses are only important to the extent that they can be exploited. If you’ve got a well layered plan to protect it from being exploited, I say abuse your strengths. Here’s a Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown which illustrates the leveraging of strengths:

Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu: Drowning the Genius in the Clinch

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