Muay Thai Clinch Technique – Exiting With A Roundhouse

How To Exit The Clinch Safely & Deal Serious Damage – Video Tutorial

The Thai clinch can be a dangerous place to be and there will be times where you’ll want to get back to exchanging strikes on the outside. With that being said, one of the most overlooked aspects of the Muay Thai clinch is when the two fighters disengage from each other. During the split second they separate from the clinch, there are small openings for strikes like the roundhouse to land and do some serious damage.

Give a watch to this Muay Thai clinch technique video tutorial where I go over another simple, but very effective technique in exiting the clinch with a roundhouse.

Muay Thai Clinch Technique – Exiting With A Knee and Roundhouse

You might be thinking this is a somewhat obvious, easy clinch technique to use in sparring and fighting, however, many people tend to leave the clinch without any type of point scoring or damage dealing technique. When you disengage with your opponent from the inside there is a good chance that there will be a tiny opening where their guard is down and that is a prime opportunity to leave the clinch with a statement that your opponent (or training partner) won’t forget!

muay thai clinch free video seriesOn that same note, even if you don’t land the roundhouse, or if it’s blocked by your opponent, it’s still useful as a defensive maneuver to ensure your opponent doesn’t leave the clinch with a hard roundhouse kick of his own. It also gives your opponent one more thing to think about knowing that you are willing to strike even during a transitional period as you exit the clinch.

If you train Muay Thai clinch techniques like the one in the tutorial video, it will become second nature for you to leave the clinch with an exclamation point and put some major doubt into your opponents mind. Give this clinch technique a try and feel free to like, comment or share it if you found it useful!

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