Muay Thai Clinch Tactics: Positioning and Defensive Techniques

Thai Clinch Techniques, Positioning and Defense

Behold the almighty clinch.

To some it’s a mysterious entity and a difficult beast to tame. If you’re afraid of the clinch then I must say to throw yourself into the fire. Why? So you can ask yourself, in the words of Seneca the Younger, “is this the condition that I feared?”

Could be that your fear is rational; the condition is exactly as you feared. Or it could be not at all as you feared. Point being: do not compound ignorance with inaudibility. Now, my fine gents and ladies, let’s open up those ears.

If you’ve ever wrestled or done any grappling art before, then you know how draining it is to handle another person’s entire body. The clinch can be much of the same, but with the proper tricks up your sleeve it can be quickly demystified. That’ll be our starting point: the proper tricks.

Muay Thai Clinch Tactics and Positioning

In addition to knee blocks, let’s present another bag of tricks to implement: moving the opponent. There’s nothing like moving your opponent that gives you complete control over their fate.

One of the simplest methods of moving your opponent is to turn them. This can be accomplished outside of the clinch in medium or close distance, but the focus shall be on it’s applicability and utilization in the clinch. Pay attention to the pivot, for that’s what enables its use outside the clinch as well as inside.

Muay Thai Clinch Technique | How To Turn Your Opponent To Land A Knee

Let’s take a class on art appreciation…martial arts appreciation. This video is meant to demonstrate the applicability of the clinch and the devastation you can lay from it. Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu, like many, started off with no knowledge of the clinch. Actually, no…like all, she started off with no knowledge of the clinch, yet she utilized it to its fullest potential against a Muay Thai world champion. Let’s get to learning about the clinch then, so we can better appreciate it. I present to you…a Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu: Drowning the Genius in the Clinch

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