Muay Thai Clinch Sweep – Off-Balancing Technique

Tricky Clinch Sweep | Muay Thai Off-Balancing Technique

Dominating the clinch is more than just landing brutal knees and slashing elbows, it’s also about being able to dump your opponent to the canvas at a moments notice.

Why? Well not only does it demoralize and tire out your opponent, but also because judges (especially in Thailand) score clinch sweeps VERY highly. Completing a perfectly time clinch sweep  can instantly change the momentum of a fight, so learning off-balancing techniques like the one in the video below will be crucial to your success on the inside of the clinch.

Take a look at this slick Muay Thai clinch sweep from Boom Wattanaya and Ahjan Dam from Wor Wattana Gym in Issan, Thailand.

Muay Thai Clinch Sweep – Off-Balancing Technique

In order to successfully land sweeps you must have more than one technique in your arsenal of attacks. Although the previous clinch sweep technique is a solid tool to use, learning how to toss your opponent from different positions will be crucial to catching your opponent off-guard.

In the following video, Chris Romulo of CROM Physical Culture demonstrates a simple clinching drill that involves a knee-guard followed by a double-undercook sweep. Try drilling this with your next clinching partner and have fun tossing each other around!

Muay Thai Clinch Drill and Throw

Speaking of clinch toss and sweeps, one of the best fighters to utilize these types of techniques in undoubtedly Saenchai.

Saenchai is constantly tossing his opponents with ease and shows complete control and dominance in nearly all his Muay Thai techniques. In addition to that, he’s usually fighting opponents in higher weight class which makes it an even more incredible feat when he sweeps them clean off their feet. In the Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown below, you’ll see some of the best clinch and sweep highlights of Saenchai and legend Sagat!

Epic Muay Thai Sweep Featuring Sagat and Saenchai

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