How To Cripple An Opponent With A Clinch Knee

Muay Thai Clinch Knee Technique – Hand Positioning And Turning

You feel your knee cap slam against your opponent’s body. You see the impact ripple all through his body, and, at last, you see the man who once stood strongly before you…crumble to the floor. Owie.

The power of the knee is rather devastating, and this brutality, along with the knee itself, is a staple of Muay Thai. And you know what else is a staple of Muay Thai? The clinch! And what better than kneeing in the clinch?

The clinch is the home of the knee and of elbows, so to answer my previous question: nothing is better. And to follow up on that question, what is best in life? To crush your enemies, seem them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women (bonus points if you get that reference). Though, I must say, chances are your opponent will be attempting to crush you with knees as well…and we can’t have that.

That’s why we’ll put a couple tricks up our sleeve. So, my ladies and gents…I present to you: a few tricks demonstrated by USMTA Champ Chris Clodfelter of Eight Points Muay Thai:

How To Cripple An Opponent With A Clinch Knee

And if that ain’t a fine enough treat (or trick…haha, get it? Becuase…you know…Halloween? Oh. Crap…that was last week) for your opponent. Then hows about a knee to the head? That’ll definitely knock some stars into whomever you want to lay your hands on.

Check out this Muay Thai technique taught by UK Muay Thai champ, Damien Trainor:

Muay Thai Clinch Knee Technique | How To Setup The Knee To The Head

If that ain’t enough to chew on then I present to you more on knees. This time…against southpaws. Most folk dislike southpaws, so ain’t it always a plus to have more rounds in the clip?

Take a peek and find in yourself…an ability to cripple and break southpaws, with this Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

Prospect Scouting: D.J. Miller – Southpaw Knees

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