Muay Thai Clinch Drill – Knee Guard to Clinch Throw

Muay Thai Drill – Clinch Knee Defense and Toss

Being inside the Muay Thai clinch can be a very dangerous place if you’re not sure how to defend or counter your opponent. Learning how to properly defend the clinch without taking any knees to the ribs or getting tossed to the ground is key if you want to be a successful Nak Muay.

The clinch can make or break you as a fighter, so you need to make sure you’re constantly training a variation of clinch drills, techniques and throws. The technique tutorial in the video below will show you a solid defensive technique inside the clinch (a knee guard) followed by an effective, powerful sweep from the double underhook position.

Clinch Knee Guard and Throw by Chris Romulo of CROM Physical Culture

The clinch can be extremely frustrating if you’re not sure what you should be doing. In order to avoid being slammed on the canvas or kneed to the body, you need to set time aside to drill inside the clinch with a training partner. This area of Muay Thai is commonly overlooked, especially in the West… DO NOT overlook or avoid training in the clinch, it will do you no good.

Obviously, there are hundreds of clinch techniques and drills that you should practice if you want to be a complete fighter. Here’s another basic Muay Thai clinch sweep from my video course Clinch King that you can drill back and forth with your training partner.

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