3 Clinch Counter Techniques To Escape The Plum

Muay Thai Clinch Techniques To Escape The Plum

The clinch can be a scary place.

It’s tense, it’s claustrophobic, it’s sticky, it’s sweaty, and, most of all, it is often untrained.

It is evident, judging by the audience reactions to the UFC and MMA, that people much prefer striking to any kind of grappling. However, the clinch is grappling and striking mixed together closer than any kind of ground and pound is.

There’s more familiarity in clinching than we think, and the more familiar we become with something, the easier it will be to learn.

For example, William Chase and Herbert Simon recreated chess psychologist Adrian de Groot’s famous experiment which demonstrates how knowledge compounds on knowledge, how understanding compounds on understanding. They showed a chess position to a master-level player, an amateur, and a novice for 5 seconds before asking them to recall the positions later. The master managed to recall 81% correctly, the amateur 49%, and the novice 33%.

Your understanding of anything can work much the same way. Understanding compounds on understanding. Think about a dancer who can memorize an entire performance just by watching it once. You can become like that with anything so long as you put yourself into the fire.

3 Clinch Counter Techniques To Escape The Plum

The clinch is an evergrowing beast, so it is up to you to mimic it. Never cease to stop growing with it.

Here are more techniques for you to follow and break down. When you incorporate these into your game, your snowball will build, and when your snowball builds, you will stand atop it and gaze out at the horizon.

Muay Thai Clinch Trapping and Elbow Technique

When the greatest is at your disposal, you use him. This is the highest mountain. There may be higher mountains in the future, but this is it now. We will now chip away at it, let’s begin the climb with  Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Tribute to Dieselnoi: The Greatest Knee Specialist

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