Muay Thai Defense Technique: Catch Body Kick and Counter

How To Catch a Kick and Return with a Counter

Catching the kick is one of the most common defenses against a Muay Thai roundhouse kick. Using this defensive technique can disrupt your opponents rhythm, get them off-balance, and open up a great opportunity for a counter attack.

However, there’s more to catching a body kick than just wrapping your arm around their leg. Learn how to catch a kick to the body and return with a counter with these techniques and maneuvers.

There are a handful of different ways to catch a Muay Thai kick. You can either catch the kick against your body (like the video above) or you can use one of your arms to soften the blow and then use your other hand to snatch the kick.

Try it this other variation of countering the roundhouse kick with a different catching technique.

As opposed to catching the kick and returning with a counter combination (like in the tutorial above) you can use that same type of defensive technique to catch and sweep your opponent instead. This is a great option if you want to show off your dominance and ring control to the judges. Take a look and try it out!

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