3 Muay Thai Counters | How To Catch and Counter The Body Kick

3 Techniques To Catch And Counter The Roundhouse

Catching a kick may seem like simple business, but should a mistake be made, you’ll find yourself doubled over from the pain and in no position to defend yourself because you’re still trying to reel in the opponent’s leg. In this case, you do not have your opponent’s leg, he has your arms. It’s difficult to defend yourself with one arm, it’s even harder still to defend yourself with no arms, unless you’re Samart Payakaroon.

This cautionary tale is meant to enforce the role of small details and that of footwork.

When you catch a kick it’s absolutely necessary to step to the side to create space that allows the kick’s force to diminish, then you catch. This step can be particularly tricky. If you don’t step far enough you’ll absorb most of the damage of the kick, if you step too far you will miss the catch, or it’ll slip away easy.  The small details do matter, because the little things make the big things happen.

Plus, knowing how to defend and counter kicks, especially teeps, means you’ve got a rather large base covered. Certain strikes like the jab (this is relevant because the teep is essentially the jab of the lower body) are high frequency techniques, thus you’re more likely to encounter them, therefore the need to learn how to defend and counter is even higher. The higher the frequency of a technique, the higher they are on the list of priorities.

3 Muay Thai Counters | How To Catch and Counter The Body Kick

Got the catch down? Swell. It’s time to have fun, deal some damage, and embarrass some folks.

What can I say is more embarrassing than getting dumped onto your ass? Not much else I must admit, thus explanations are no longer required. It’s time to get out there and start dumping fools as shown by Boom Wattanaya and Ahjan Dam from Wor Wattana Gym in Issan, Thailand:

Muay Thai Clinch Sweep | Off-Balancing Technique

Alright, we’re going to go overboard here for a second. It may just be time to add a couple more sweeps down to your arsenal, and where better to grab techniques than from the pros?

Let me remind you folks that we live in the beautiful digital age, and the legends of Muay Thai are all within reach. Their fights are online ready to be analyzed, if you want a basic introduction to analyses then read my post titled “Your Guide To Training Muay Thai (Or Anything) At Home (Or Anywhere)” and scroll down to “How to analyze a fight” (it’s about 300 words long).

However, if you want to see how the experts do it…then class is in session with this Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown below:

Epic Muay Thai Sweeps (Cross-Catches) ft. Sagat & Saenchai

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