How To Choose The Best Muay Thai Boxing Gyms In Thailand

What Makes The Best Thailand Muay Thai Camps?

Training at the right Muay Thai boxing gym can be the difference between loving and hating your life in Thailand. Of course this will also be dependent on your goals as a fighter and whether or not you want to experience the serious hardcore training grind or a more laid-back approach. When it comes to choosing the right Thailand Muay Thai camps, there are a few important factors to consider:

Training Atmosphere

If you’re like most people who are serious about their Muay Thai, then chances are you’re going to be spending a majority of your time at the gym. In this case, it’s going to be vital to find a Thai boxing gym that has a friendly, positive and motivating atmosphere for you to train in. If you feel unwelcome or rejected by the trainers and fighters, you are much more likely to skip out on training and make excuses to why you don’t want to train.

Obviously it’s going to be hard to get a feel for the atmosphere of a training camp when you can’t go there yourself, however, if you find some pictures, videos and reviews of gyms then you can get a much better idea for what to expect. Generally speaking, most Muay Thai camps that cater to toursits are going to be friendly since they want your money, but there is a lot more to picking a quality Thailand Muay Thai training camp than just it’s atmosphere.

Quality Trainers

Thailand Muay Thai Trainer at Nitah Muay Thai, Patong, Phuket

Nun has been a great trainer so far. He has eased me into training and looks after my injuries.

There is a lot of truth being the saying “your training is as good as your pad holder.” Without a solid trainer you could very easily pick up bad habits, miss out on learning key techniques, and see little to no improvement whatsoever. Unfortunately, everywhere you go there will be bad trainers, so learning how to speak up for yourself to make sure you get the best trainer possible will be important.

When doing your Thailand training camp research make sure to take into consideration who the trainers are and what their experience level is like. That being said, it’s not always important that the trainer has hundreds of fights because some of the best trainers have little to no ring experience at all, and some of the worst trainers could have been fighting since they were 6 years old. Be willing to ask around (via email and forums) about the trainers at the gyms you are considering going to, otherwise you might end up with a trainer that could end up being detrimental to your training and technique.

Quality Training Partners 

Having training partners who motivate you and push you every training session is key to getting the most out of your training. Without other fighters going through the grind with you, it’s much more likely you get into training slumps and make excuses for why you can’t workout.

Besides the motivational factors, training partners also can be huge help in helping you improve your overall technique with sparring and clinching, which will prove to be important for when you step into the ring.

To find out what kind of training partners you’ll run into at certain Muay Thai camps, ask around forums like to see where and when other fighters are going to the gym of your choice. Also keep in mind that you will be training with a lot of Thai’s as well, so if you pick a primarily Thai training camp, then chances are you will have more than enough training partners who will have their fun tossing you around in the clinch and sweeping you during sparring.

Area Of The Gym

cafe siam guesthouse street patong, phuket, thailand

The area around Nitah Muay Thai has everything I could possibly need; massages, pharmacies, markets, and beaches!

Another important factor that many people overlook is the area in which the Muay Thai gym is located.

Is it around town or outside on the outskirts? Is it near grocery stores or is it a taxi ride to find food?

Ask yourself these types of questions when you researching to find the best Muay Thai boxing gyms because it will effect your budget in terms of how much you pay for transportation on a daily basis.

Also consider if the Muay Thai camp is nearby any tourist attractions or scenic views you’d like to check out. It’s nice to get out of the training grind every now and then to check out the beautiful Thai country whether it be beaches, jungles, lookout points, tourist attractions, local shops, restaurants, temples and markets. Even though one of your priorities is to train as much as possible, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t experience more than just the Thai boxing in Thailand.

Living and Training Costs

Obviously the cost will have some kind of influence on your decision, but don’t let it be the main factor. If you truly want to get the most out of your Muay Thai training and overall experience while you’re in Thailand, don’t settle for training at a Thailand Muay Thai boxing gym that you think won’t meet your standards. Paying the additional costs to train at a training will be well worth the investment when you come back to your home country a more polished fighter with tons of unique stories to tell.

Gym Equipment

Although gym equipment is important to a lot of fighters, don’t let it turn you away from gyms that have crappy equipment but still turn out top fighters on the regular. Most of the training you should be doing will consist of running, shadowboxing, pad work, bag work, clinching and sparring anyway, so if you’re gym doesn’t have the latest and greatest training equipment and weight machines it shouldn’t deter you from training there.

As long as a gym has good trainers, training partners and a couple heavy bags, that’s really all you need!

Finding The Best Thailand Muay Thai Gym Reviews 

There are a handful of places to find reviews on Muay Thai boxing gyms online that you should consider searching. Taking your time to research and read about previous experiences at Thailand Muay Thai training camps will give you a good idea for what to expect. Here are the top websites I’d recommend checking out: – One of the go-to places online for nak muay who happen to be traveling or currently living in Thailand. There are a ton of reviews on the most visited gyms and you should be able to find a good amount of info on most gyms. Also feel free to post a discussion if you have any questions about a certain gym and you will most likely get a response. – This website supplies you with a detailed list along with reviews of a majority of the gyms in Thailand. They break down the history of the gym along with costs, training info, location and a handful of photos too. – In the muay thai/kickboxing section of the forums you can find some decent reviews on Thailand training camps. Although they are more scarce to come by than the previous two sites I mentioned, it’s still worth looking through. Also consider asking around in the forums as well and you’ll most likely get a quick response. – Although this is not a site dedicated to Muay Thai like the other sites I mentioned, it still has a solid bunch of reviews on many of the Thailand training camps. Another reason this site is good to check out is because it also gives you ideas for what type of attractions, restaurants, and scenery is around the same area. – Bill F. has been all over Thailand and has trained and reviewed a high percentage of Muay Thai camps all around the country. Although he started his blog in the early 2000’s, a lot of his tips, reviews and advice still ring true to this day.

Once you figure out a couple of gyms you’d like to train at make sure to do further research by checking out their websites and googling reviews on experiences at their gym!

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