Muay Thai Basics: Missed Kick to Side Kick

Following Up Missed Kicks

Offense and defense must come together.

If you move forward with a punch combination without moving your head, you’ll get clocked with a fist on your way in. If you exit punching range without punctuating your combination with a jab, lead hook, or some technique to keep your opponent from immediately moving forward, you will get countered hard.

This is why offense and defense must come together. However, what must be understood is that offense and defense already often come together. When you’re transferring your weight from your rear leg to lead leg during a rear straight, your head should be moving off the line. So that’s good. You have offense with your defense during the strikes. But what if they miss?

Do you have a plan B? If you don’t, fear not. In the below video, Chris Clodfelter demonstrates a simple way to follow off missed kicks, which also happens to outline a basic principle for following up any missed strike: spear your opponent:

Muay Thai Basics: Missed Kick to Side Kick

Find yourself landing punches, kicks, knees, and elbows at will? Have no trouble with missing? Well, then maybe what you need is more ways to hit. However, even if you’re not a sniper, the double kick will still be a great friend.

The double kick is an incredibly simple technique that can be highly effective if set up properly. One kick to the legs, then one kick to the head. A combo that comes from the classic principle of head-body-head. And this is how you do it:

Muay Thai Basic Technique: The Double Kick

If you’re a fight fan, you are always on the lookout for the next superstars. The Conor McGregors, the Jon Jones, the Anderson Silvas, and all that.

There is nothing better than to see a master working their craft. However, what is more exciting than a superstar is a prodigy. But, in the case of Tenshin Nasukawa, we have both a superstar and a prodigy. Now let’s, with the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown, see what makes him so special:

The Next Superstar of Striking: Tenshin Nasukawa | Lawrence Kenshin

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